Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finding the focus

For me it started with wanting to do the right thing for myself and my baby, learning about healthy eating, exercise and relaxation of not just the body but also of the mind. What I learned through this experience was that most humans have connected the experience of birth into something to fear and fear is what is molding us and our children into thinking birth should not be shared, which has turned into us not knowing how to instinctually know what to do with our bodies. So we learn by reading books, going to classes or trusting people to help us and guide us in our journey. I chose to go to classes, learn and read and make informed choices. I became excited and over joyed and thought everyone should know about this amazing life journey.
As the journey progressed I also knew there was something I was forgetting. The presence of our Almighty Creator to give thanks to Him for allowing us to labor, to give thanks to Him for helping us find the information for an amazing birth. Yes there are people on earth that can help us, but it is only by the grace of our wonderful Lord that we can be guided into a direction WITHOUT FEAR. To be able to have faith in the Lord that he will lead us into a direction that will not cause harm, that will not have us put harmful substances into our bodies, but to live using all of his wonderful and powerful creations. Yes I am not fearless, but I know that I can only get through things with Christ that strengthens me. Let Him help you sort through all of what the people say, ask Him for guidance, as that is what He wants us to do, to know the best thing for our bodies, He wants us to talk with Him and walk with Him and to hold Him as a close companion. Let the journey begin with overcoming the fears and allowing God to lead us!!

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